Saturday, April 27, 2013

Head Shoulders No Knees or Toes.. No Knees or Toes, Eyes and Ears and Mouth and Nose, Head Shoulders No Knees or Toes No Knees or Toes!


  1. But he does have a tail
    And that really shows!

    I missed your beautifully decorated cat on APR somehow last week. He's a very interesting feline. How nice to see a quite different interpretation of the theme.

    1. Hi Jez, I was a late entry yesterday and this was my first entry ever whic h has now disappeared although I don't know why? Thank you for the inspiration :0)

  2. I'm trying to catch up with everyone's entry into APR. I've missed entering myself for various reason but hope to rectify that soon.
    Your kitty is gorgeous especially with those hypnotic green eyes
    A fun interpretation on the challenge. Thanks for sharing ;)